The First Windows 10 19H2 Build Is Now Available in the Slow Ring

The First Windows 10 19H2 Build Is Now Available in the Slow Ring

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18362.10000 or known as 19H2 is now available in the Slow ring.

The company revealed that the latest build is being released as a cumulative update after the build has been in testing phase for a long time with Xbox Insiders. As Microsoft continues to improve its Windows 10 update process, the upcoming update will contain a number of changes in terms of installation. According to the company, those who are currently running the May 2019 version of Windows 10 will experiences a faster update process as since the upcoming update will install like a monthly update.

On the other hand, those who are currently using Windows 10 versions earlier than the May 2019 update, will get the update in ways similar to previous Windows 10 feature updates. In the blog post, Microsoft revealed that it is currently targeting September to release for 19H2. Also, the company revealed that the September update will be supported for 30 months, for Enterprise and Education SKUs which is standard the company has supported at least 3 generations of Windows.

If you were looking for some front-end features, you will be disappointed to know that the latest build doesn’t contain anything for front-end. While the update tweaked minor things for OEMs, it’s unclear if the company fixed any known issues with the latest update. But as we go forward, Microsoft has promised to provide update in case there’s any changes to the latest build.

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