Facebook to Ban Ads that Want to Interfere with 2020 Census

Facebook Removes False Political Ad Related to Republican Senator

Facebook has come under heavy scrutiny over last couple of years following Cambridge Analytica scandal. Since then, the social network has introduced several measures to prevent similar occurrences from happening in future. With the election season approaching fast, Facebook has now revealed that it will ban ads that discourage people from voting in the United States.

In a recent blog post Facebook noted its commitment to protect civil rights on the platform as posted a second update on its civil rights audit over the weekend.

Facebook wrote that in order to prevent people from using the social network’s tools to manipulate the US Census and the US presidential elections, the company will build a dedicated team in the coming days. Although the company’s policies are still in the development states, it is working with voting organizations to create a transparent policy on the network. Facebook expects to implement the new policies by the fall of this year.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook for a long time worked to ensure that the social network isn’t used for voter suppression. Earlier last year, it started banning posts with misinformation related to voting. With the latest changes, Facebook expects to take the efforts further to prevent political manipulation through the social network.

Facebook’s announcement comes shortly after the company recently introduced new policies for political ads. Under the new policies, if someone wants to submit political advertisements through Facebook, s/he will be required to go through verification process to prevent any kind of misinformation. Although the policy is effective in countries that are approaching election or have events of national importance coming up in the near future, expect the new rules to come to the U.S. ahead of next presidential election.

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