Facebook Starts Demoting Posts with Sensational Health Claims

Facebook Starts Demoting Posts with Sensational Health Claims

Although Facebook can be pretty useful to find information on nutrition, fitness and health issues, the social network is a prime target for spams due to large audience base. In an attempt to reduce the amount of spammy posts along with outright false claims related to health benefits, the social network has revealed that it has started de-ranking posts with sensational health claims.

In a blog post, Facebook wrote that users on the network don’t like spammy nature posts with sensational health claims or advertisement based on similar claims. As such contents can interfere with the social networks’ user experience, Facebook said that it will limit reach of posts in case they fall under the criteria.

However, if you have a page that’s dedicated towards bringing health-based products, you won’t notice significant different in terms of general visibility. The changes apply to contents that are promoted by pages on a regular basis and such contents will have fewer reach on the platform going forward. Once the pages stop posting contents with such claims, they will no longer be affected by the latest change.

Facebook’s latest announcement comes as other internet companies have started to take similar actions in recent months. Few weeks earlier, YouTube stopped showing advertisements to channels which promote anti-vaccination movement saying that such information can be dangerous for users as these channels’ claims don’t have any substantial proof.

As for Facebook, it has introduced a number of new policies to create more engaging environment on the social network. Just recently Facebook stared showing relevant contents at the top of the comment section since public posts with high reach can have extremely high number of spam comments. As for the latest decision to control reach of products with sensational claims, it’s more than likely that the company is taking measures to prevent spread of misinformation related to health issues on the platform. However, we will have to wait to find out if the changes make a significant difference in terms of spams.

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