Home Business & Finance Brave Rejects Google’s Ad-Blocking Proposal

Brave Rejects Google’s Ad-Blocking Proposal

Brave Rejects Google’s Ad-Blocking Proposal


Although advertisements are primary source of income for many publishers, average internet users dislike the traditional ads which can be seen by the adoption of adblockers by millions of users. On the other hand, browser developers understood the problems associated with intrusive advertisements and released some sort of build in ad blockers with their products.

In order to protect publishers, Google introduced Manifest V3 earlier this year. The manifest is a suggested update to Chromium based browsers to stop ad-blocking tools that use the WebRequest API. Few weeks earlier, the search engine giant revealed that it will implement the changes to Google Chrome which means ad-blocking extensions will stop working on the browser.

Since then, a number of organizations rejected the ideas and earlier today, Brave revealed that its own ad-blocker, Brave Shield has received a performance boost.

Brave announced that it accomplished the performance by rebuilding its ad-blocker algorithms using Mozilla’s coding language. According to brave, the implementation has resulted in 69x faster performance. While we will have to wait to see if the claims are accurate, you can test them out yourself by downloading Brave Nightly or Brave Dev.

The company revealed that it will soon implement the new tools in the stable versions of the browser in the coming days.

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