Avengers: Endgame Rerelease Earns $7.8 Million over Weekend

Avengers: Endgame Rerelease Earns $7.8 Million over Weekend

Although Avengers: Endgame broke all sorts of box-office records, it came up short against James Cameron’s Avatar during the initial run. In an attempt to break the box office records of the 2009 blockbuster, Disney decided to rerelease the movie this Friday with few minutes of new footage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as the movie managed to bring $7.8 million over the weekend.

Ahead of Spider-Man: Far from Home’s release, Disney expected that the fans would go to see the latest Avengers movie to prepare for Peter Parker’s upcoming adventure. However, the release earned ‘just’ $7.8 million which brought the total figure of Avengers: Endgame up to 2.76 billion. With Avatar earning $2.78 in global box office in 2009, it’s unlikely that Avengers will break the record in the coming weeks.

Despite that, Disney won’t be disappointed with the figure as the studio used the movie as a way to promote the upcoming Spider-Man: Far from Home. We have known for a while that Spider-Man: Far from Home will conclude the Infinity saga as well as the phase 3 of MCU. As a result, the studio used this small window to promote Far from Home rather than trying to break Avatar’s record as rereleases often happen months later down the road. For instance, even Avatar had a rerelease which grossed $33 million at the time but the movie was rereleased a long time after the initial run. As a result, we might see Avengers: Endgame coming back in theater later this year in case Disney truly wants to break the record.

As for Spider-Man: Far from Home, it will open on July 2 and is expected to bring in a large number of audiences back to theaters who would be interested in finding out what’s next for the characters in MCU.

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