Apple Recalls Some MacBook Air 2018 Models with Faulty Motherboards

Apple Recalls Some MacBook Air 2018 Models with Faulty Motherboards

Few days earlier, Apple issued recall for a number of MacBook Pro models over battery related problems. Recently the company has issued another recall for some models of MacBook Air 2018 over faulty motherboards. If you are affected by the problems, you won’t encounter any charges.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has sent out an internal document to Apple Stores and to authorized repair staffs notifying them that the company has found problems with several 13-inch Retina versions of the MacBook Air 2018. However, at the moment it’s unclear how many users have been affected by the faulty motherboards although Apple will be sending emails to customers who currently own the affected devices. On the other hand, you can check out if you have been affected by heading to an authorized repair shop or an Apple Store.

Moreover, the document notes that the issue with the motherboard is related to ‘power’ but didn’t explain what kind of problems users might experience. As of now, the company hasn’t disclosed the problem in the Exchange and Repair Extension Programs support page either as the company uses its own methods to determine a larger recall.

Although Apple hasn’t listed the problem in the official website, you can visit Apple store or Apple authorized service provider to find out if you have been affected. If your computer was affected by the latest issue, Apple will offer the repair program for four years from the original purchase date.

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