Alexa Can Now Rely on Other Skills to Complete Tasks

Alexa Can Now Rely on Other Skills to Complete Tasks

Although virtual assistants have become popular over last couple of years, they are only as good as the number of skills and actions they can offer. As developers are constantly working to improve the offerings of virtual assistants, companies are also bringing new additions on a regular basis to give developers plenty of opportunities. Earlier today, Amazon announced that Skill Connections in the Alexa Skills Kit are now available in case Alexa is available in the location.

In case you are wondering, the skills allow AI to complete different tasks is someone wants them to. As developers incorporated their own skills in the earlier virtual assistant market to cater developer needs, it meant programmers developed skills which are practically independent to each other. For instance, if you would want to print a book or webpage, or simply want to book a place in a restaurant, you would be required to call a unique skill to complete each task. These extra processes result in more resource consumption than necessary to complete a task.

However, thanks to Amazon’s latest initiative, developers can now let skills connect to each other. For instance, if a skill needs to complete a task that it can’t complete, it can now call other skill to complete the task. This will result in faster processing time of a command.

At the moment, Amazon has made a small number of skills available with the latest addition that will allow you to print or to make reservation. However, the company expects to expand the connections with the help of developers in future.

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