You Can Now Share Your WhatsApp Status on Facebook

You Can Now Share Your WhatsApp Status on Facebook

Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the social network has been adding new features consistently in order to improve engagement among users. Few years earlier, Facebook brought status to WhatsApp after the feature became popular among users on Facebook and Instagram. However, Status’ inclusion in WhatsApp didn’t really yield as much success as Facebook might have wanted. Interestingly, it seems that the company isn’t going to give up on the feature just yet as from now on, you can share your WhatsApp status directly to Facebook or other applications.

With the latest changes, if you are using WhatsApp stories to share your moments, you will now see a share option below your status on WhatsApp. From there, you can easily share the status to Facebook or opt to share it on Instagram, Gmail or Google Photos among other apps.

Although Facebook is still trying to gain users’ attention with the change, it’s easy to see why the feature didn’t become successful at creating engagement. WhatsApp status is basically renamed version of Snapchat story. At the time, Facebook copied the idea to bring story to Facebook and Instagram. As people generally don’t use WhatsApp in the same way as the use other social networking platforms, status hasn’t really become popular among users.

In case you are wondering if the sharing process can be automated, Verge pointed out that latest feature isn’t linking users’ accounts to other services. It is just using API to share data across platforms. As a result, you will need to share your status manually on the other services every time you wish to do so.

While we will have to wait to find out if the latest change increases engagement with status, the change is an attempt to make the status feature more viable to cater advertisers’ interests. Earlier this year, Facebook revealed that WhatsApp will start showing advertisements in future which means creating engagements with stories can result in major profit from the app for the company.

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