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You Can Now Buy Used Tesla 3 from Company’s Website

You Can Now Buy Used Tesla 3 from Company’s Website

If you were looking to purchase a used Tesla Model 3, your options are pretty limited since you’ll need to find someone who’s selling one or a reseller. In an attempt to make it easier for those want to get a used Tesla Model 3, the manufacturer has now started selling used Model 3 in its website.

While Tesla for a long time has sold used models through its website, the company didn’t offer Model 3 up until now. However, the service isn’t available in entire country just yet as Tesla is selling used Model 3 in Bay Area for now.

Despite that, the website has pretty good deals at the moment in case you were looking to own one. For instance, the 2017 Long Range Model 3 is available for $40,000. While still expensive for average consumers, you’d end up paying same amount in case you want a new Standard Range Plus version of the Model 3. If you take a closer look at the offerings, you can see that most of the used models have price tag of $10,000-15,000 less than the new ones.

In case you are wondering about the quality of the vehicles, the company says in its website, “Every used Tesla vehicle has passed a 70‑point inspection and comes with either a 4‑year or 50,000 mile warranty or a 2‑year, up to 100,000 mile warranty.”

With its inclusion, Model 3 will join the company’s used units of Model S sedan and the Model X crossover. As Tesla will provide warranty, you should definitely check out the official website in case they’ve a used model available in your region.

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