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You Can Finally Use Android Smartphone as a Security Key for iOS Apps

You Can Finally Use Android Smartphone as a Security Key for iOS Apps

Back in April, Google introduced the ability to use Android phones as a physical security keys to log into websites and applications using Chrome browser. With the feature, Google eliminated the need to use a separate device to accomplish the task. In a recent update, the company has announced that it is extending its services as users can now use their Android smartphones as a security key for iOS devices as well.

Although companies have introduced several security measures to protect valuable consumer information and log-in credentials, it’s not uncommon for hackers to get access to the information. However, two-factor authentication makes the log-in process much more secured as users can only log in after they enter the generated code from relevant apps. Physical security keys add one extra layer on top of this to protect users as customers are required to have access to the device in case they want to log into the account.

While physical security keys offer great security measures in order to protect your passwords, you will need to have the physical dongle associated with the service with you in case you want to log into a service which might be pretty inconvenient. As users keep their smartphones with them most of the times, smartphones eliminate the need to have access to another device completely. As a result, earlier this April, Google introduced its security key feature which uses Android smartphone as a security key.

At the time, Google announced the service for Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS devices. If you opt in to use the service, it would connect your devices via Bluetooth. Afterwards, you were required to keep both devices next to each other to log into a relevant platform. However, with the latest addition, Google has eliminated the need for such method to log into iOS apps and services. Instead, it will use the Smart Lock app.

In order to set up the security key, you will need to add a Google account to your Android device. Afterwards, you can head to the two-step verifications settings on the web and turn your smartphone into a security key. If you want to log into your iOS device, turn on Bluetooth for both devices and log into your iOS app via Smart Lock app on iOS.

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