Home Business & Finance X570 Motherboards Will be Pretty Expensive according to MSI CEO

X570 Motherboards Will be Pretty Expensive according to MSI CEO

X570 Motherboards Will be Pretty Expensive according to MSI CEO

AMD has long been popular among consumers for providing supports for older generation hardware. Recently the company revealed that its AM4 motherboards will support for latest Ryzen 3000 processors. Interestingly, MSI CEO Charles Chiang has claimed that AMD might push the X570 series of motherboards to a higher price compared to the X470 lineups.

Chiang’s latest comments came during his interview with Tom’s Hardware  as he talked about the AMD’s latest accomplishments.

He said, “You can really expect this motherboard pricing will have a lot of gap between the X470s and 570s. If an X570 is compared to our Z390 if the specs are equal and everything, I don’t think we are going to price AMD lower. I don’t think that’s realistic because the cost of the motherboard will be higher, and maybe the pricing of the chipset is higher.”

AMD has always been a cheaper alternative to Intel. For example, at the moment, the median price for an X470 motherboard is $180.74 while median of Z390 board is $191.99. However, with PCIe 4.0, this might change as it’ll be more expensive to produce due to improved features. Moreover, due to the added power of the upcoming lanes, the AMD’s future lineups might attract premium consumers which will ultimately lead to higher production costs due to the required VRM cooling.

“Lots of people ask me, what do you think about today’s AMD? I say today’s AMD is completely different company compared to two, three, five years ago. They have nice technology and they are there to put the higher spec with the reasonable pricing. But right now, they say, ‘Hey Charles, let’s push to marketing to the higher [end]. So, let’s sell higher-pricing motherboards, higher-spec motherboards, and let’s see what will happen in the market’,” Chiang adds.

While we will have to wait to find out how AMD moves ahead with the future line of products, recent reports claimed that the company might bring significant changes to the X570 lineups. It’ll be interesting to see how consumers respond to the changes as well. At the moment, the X470 is considered to be the budget option with the X570 is the only platform with support for PCIe 4.0.

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