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Waze Finally Gets Supports for Google Assistant

Waze Finally Gets Supports for Google Assistant

Although we had to wait a long time, Google Assistant has finally made its way to Waze.

Shortly after its release, Waze became popular among users as the app allows everyone using the app to report traffic related information. Although it provided other drivers in the area about possible delay, those who wanted to report incidents were required to take their eyes off from the road to make a report.

However, with the latest support for Google Assistant, drivers won’t be required to take their hands from driving wheel which should improve overall experience of the app. Now, instead of manually checking the app to report traffic in the area, drivers will be able to say “Hey Google, report traffic” to file a report in their current location. Moreover, those who wish to report objects in the road can also do so without much effort.

On the other hand, users of the app will also be able to learn about traffic in an area using the assistant. Moreover, if you can ask the app to find you the best route with minimal paid roadways.

The latest update has started rolling out earlier today and should reach the English-speaking Android users in the coming days. As for users in other countries or those using iOS devices will have to wait few more times as Google hasn’t revealed when the support will be available.

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