Waymo’s Self-Driving Minivans Are Now Available to Lyft Drivers

Waymo’s Self-Driving Minivans Are Now Available to Lyft Drivers

Although Waymo has a ride hailing service of its own, the company reached an agreement with Lyft to bring its self-driving technology to Lyft last month. Now, Waymo has confirmed that it has made several of its autonomous minivans available to Lyft.

If you have followed Waymo’s recent strategy to bring its technology to other manufacturers’ vehicles, then the latest move shouldn’t come off as a surprise. In May, the company signed a partnership with Nissan and Renault that will allow both automakers use Waymo’s self-driving technology in their upcoming vehicles. As for partnership with Lyft, Waymo hopes that the partnership will allow both companies to collect valuable feedback on the technology as Waymo covers only a small portion of area outside Arizona

At that time, Waymo said that it will bring all of its 10 vehicles to Lyft’s ride sharing platform in the coming months. However, Waymo is still working on improving its technology and only a number of selected vehicles from the company will join Lyft’s platforms with the latest change. Moreover, Waymo’s service will be available through Lyft in areas where Waymo gained permission to operate in recent years.

If you are someone living in one of these areas, if you look for a ride via Lyft, you will now see an option to take a ride through Waymo’s offerings or traditional ride service. You should note that Waymo’s self-driving vehicles have safety drivers in case something goes wrong while the vehicles are on the road.

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