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Volkswagen to Create 36,000 Charging Point Across Europe

Volkswagen to Create 36,000 Charging Point Across Europe

As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, automobile manufacturers around the world are taking initiatives to get ahead of the competitions. Earlier on yesterday, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover announced a partnership to create motors for electric vehicles. And earlier today, Volkswagen has announced its plans to establish 36,000 charging points for electric cars throughout Europe by 2025.

This latest news came via an official news release from Volkswagen where the company revealed that 11,000 of the 36,000 charging points will be created at the company’s plants. Moreover, these charging points will be available at Volkswagen plants and at around 3,000 of its dealerships across the continent.

In order to create the charging stations, the automobile manufacturer will be investing about €250 million in different countries across Europe. Talking about the upcoming infrastructure, Thomas Ulbrich said, “Charging infrastructure will increasingly become the crucial factor for the rapid breakthrough of e-mobility in Germany. Charging an electric car must become just as easy and normal as charging a smart phone. This is why we need significantly more charging stations in public spaces and simple rules for the installation of private Wallboxes.”

At the moment, Volkswagen estimates that consumers around the world will carry out over 70 percent of the charging needs at work or at home in the coming years. As a result, the company is taking initiatives to meet demands in the future. If the demands for electric cars grow higher, the company said that the number of charging stations will rise to over 100,000 in the medium term with the number rising as much as 150,000 in the long run.

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