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Volkswagen Ends Partnership with Aurora

Volkswagen Ends Partnership with Aurora

A recent report from the Financial Times has claimed Volkswagen is set to cancel its partnership with Aurora just one year after both parties signed up a deal. According to the report, Volkswagen is planning on signing a deal with Ford’s Argo AI this summer.

This latest news however, shouldn’t be highly surprising considering Volkswagen cancelled several projects with the startup earlier this year following an initial trial. In a recent statement, Aurora said, “Volkswagen Group has been a wonderful partner to Aurora since the early days of development of the Aurora Driver. As our Driver matures and our platform grows in strength, we continue to work with a growing array of partners who complement our expertise and expand the reach of our product.”

This split comes just days after the autonomous startup announced its partnership with Fiat Chrysler. However, Volkswagen initially tried to buy Aurora before settling for a partnership. As the partnership wouldn’t allow Volkswagen to customize the technology, it might have resulted in the latest decision to split up and invest in autonomous technology which VW would be able to fully customize. At the moment, we will have to wait to find out if Ford and Volkswagen’s partnership for the technology brings in faster results as the competitions in the market is getting tougher each year. Major auto manufacturers including BMW, Hyundai have already revealed their plans to introduce more electric cars in the coming years.

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