Visible Removes Data Caps from Its Plan

Visible Removes Data Caps from Its Plan

In an attempt to attract more users to its Visible plan, Verizon has removed the speed cap from the plan while keeping the $40 price tag.

Verizon launched Visible earlier last year in an attempt to attract customers through its attractive pre-paid offerings. Unlike other pre-paid plans from competitors, Visible don’t have any physical store locations as customers are required to install an app instead to sign up for the service. At the time, the company provided a 5Mbps ‘unlimited data’ plan to achieve the goal. However, the plan wasn’t truly unlimited as users were limited by the speed.

However, the company has now removed the speed cap for a limited time period and you can sign-up for uncapped LTE service without extra cost. Before jumping in and singing up for the plan, note that the speed limit won’t be lifted for mobile hotspot. Moreover, the company said that it will determine if it’s required to set a speed limit for new users. If you are existing customers, you don’t need to worry as you will keep the unlimited data cap.

This latest move comes as Visible CEO Miguel Quiroga stated earlier this year that the company initially focused on iPhones to get more customers at a faster rate. Since then, the company has added several high-end devices along with some of the most recent smartphones. The company noted that it will be adding Pixel 3a and Moto’s G7 Power in the coming days.

At the moment, it’s unclear how long the promotion will last for new customers. If you are interested in signing up for the plan, you can check the official website of Visible.

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