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Victoria Alonso Talks about Box Office Success of Captain Marvel

Victoria Alonso Talks about Box Office Success of Captain Marvel

Although Captain Marvel became a box office success, it doesn’t mean the movie didn’t have a bumpy ride along the way. At the time of the release, a number of people on internet tried to sabotage the movie by posting negative reviews. However, executive producer Victoria Alonso recently said that the online trolls didn’t interfere with the movie.

Alonso’s recent comments came during her recent AMA on Reddit where she said, “We were aware that there were people that were not ready or perhaps not welcoming of the film but it never interfered with the story line or our vision of the film. When you make stories that could potentially touch an international audience, there will always be a portion of the audience that does not 100% love it. But we hope they give us a chance and see the film before they finalize their opinions. There is something for everyone in our films, even if you’re a little reluctant to watch.”

Alonso’s comments aren’t surprising considering the box office numbers of the movie. However, the movie faced rough challenges leading up to the release. At the time, trolls tried to negatively impact the review score in multiple sites. This ultimately forced Rotten Tomatoes to make changes to the review practices. Despite the hate from a part of internet, the movie went on to earn over $1 billion at the global box office.

This negativity didn’t stop after Avengers 4 was released either as a group of fans didn’t want to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in the movie. However, Captain Marvel didn’t have the biggest involvement in the movie as writers wanted to focus on story arc of original avengers.

The sequel of Captain Marvel is in works at the moment as Kevin Feige recently revealed that we will see more of the superhero in the coming years. More details regarding the future movies of MCU phase 4 are set to come out later this year during Disney D23 expo which will take place in August.

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