Ubisoft Reveals How Developers Made All NPCs in Watchdogs Legion Playable

Ubisoft Reveals How They Made All NPCs in Watchdogs legion Playable

This year’s E3 came with several high-profile announcements along with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion. During the presentation, the company revealed that players will be able to play as anyone within the game. While we didn’t know at the time how the company will manage to do that, Clint Hocking recently revealed how the developers were able to accomplish their lofty goals for the title.

In a recent interview, Hocking said that the system behind the game’s functionality is called census. The game spawns the NPCs after someone selects them. Afterwards, the game proceeds to download a profile and backstory for the character to populate the world of the game. He then proceeded to reveal how it works using a groundskeeper example.

“So if you see a groundskeeper trimming hedges in a park, and he has a certain ethnicity, when you lock on to that person and profile them, he’s going to have a name that reflects the ethnicity that you saw and he’s going to have an animation set based on how he was animating, he’s gonna have a job that says groundskeeper and it’s going to be at a certain time. And then because he’s a groundskeeper, he’s going to make a certain amount of money which means he’s gonna be allowed to live in certain neighborhoods, and because of his ethnicity will navigate to a different part of those neighborhoods depending on where the different communities live within London. Then he’s going to have certain friends and activities maybe he’s an outdoorsy guy. He has an outdoor job so he may be more fit and have a gameplay trait that reflects higher health or higher agility or something like that,” said Hocking.

While we will have to wait to find out how the title works, Hocking said that the upcoming feature of the game will create a realistic atmosphere as all the characters will get their own narratives and personalities to make the gameplay more interactive.

While the promises of the game are certainly exciting, it’s too early to predict anything as we still have nearly a year to go before the game is available. Watch Dogs: Legion is set to come for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on May 6, 2020. As we get closer to the release date, more details of different features will surely come out.

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