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Twitter Simplifies Its Rules to be More Transparent

Twitter Simplifies Its Rules to Make It More Transparent

In order to make the platform more transparent to users, Twitter has decided to update its rules.

In a recently published blog post, Twitter revealed that the company is updating its rules to make it easier for everyone to understand in simple language. In order to do so, the company cut the word count to its rules from 2,500 total words to under 600. Moreover, the rules are now categorized for different areas such as safety, privacy and authenticity.

In a recent tweet, the company said, “Rules should be easy to understand. We heard you, ours weren’t. We updated, reordered, and shortened them, so you can know what’s not allowed on Twitter. Click through this thread for all our rules, and read our blog to learn more.”

In the official post, Del Harvey, Twitter’s VP of trust and safety included more information along with examples to make it easier for everyone to follow the company’s rules when it comes to posting contents in the platform. According to Harvey, the company will update its rules involving abuse and harassment, hateful conduct, suicide or self-harm, and copyright in the coming days.

Twitter’s latest update to rules come after Facebook recently went through criticisms over the social networking giant’s lack of initiatives to deal with hate speech and fake information. It’ll be interesting to see if the microblogging platform can solve the problems it has faced criticisms over last several years for its involvements in spreading false information alongside with other popular social networking platforms.

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