Home Business & Finance Twitch Acquires Bebo for $25 Million

Twitch Acquires Bebo for $25 Million

Twitch Acquires Bebo for $25 Million

Esports are growing at a significant rate as more companies are bringing gamers-oriented products. Despite other streaming platforms’ efforts to attract gamers, Twitch remains to be the go-to platform for gamers and esports communities. And now, Twitch has acquired Bebo for $25 million in an attempt to improve its offerings to cater esports scene even more.

In case you don’t remember, Bebo is a social media network which was competing alongside Facebook in its early days. Shortly after the launch, it became popular among users in Europe. Ultimately, AOL bought the company back in 2008 for $850 million. Unfortunately, the social network never became what AOL thought it would be as Facebook became the largest social networking platform. After several years, Bebo filed for bankruptcy few years earlier and the social network’s original owners brought it back for just $1 million.

Since then, the original founders have tried to attract users through social media offerings. As Facebook were much more popular, the attempts never really yielded a lot of results and few years back, Bebo started improving its offerings to attract gamers. Eventually, it found success in providing social networking services to run and organize esports tournaments. Interestingly, Twitch has decided to acquire the company. As part of inquisition, all of Bebo’s employees will join Twitch’s team in the coming days. However, it’s unclear how many features Twitch will bring from Bebo to its original offerings.

While whole details of the acquisition aren’t known at the moment, Twitch was competing with Facebook and Discord to acquire the social network. Discord is actively trying to get more influence in the esports ventures for a while. On the other hand, Facebook has been trying to attract gamers to use its streaming services for a while now. Despite that, it’s unclear how Facebook would integrate Bebo’s offerings.

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