Tom Hardy Will Return for Venom 2

Tom Hardy Will Return for Venom 2

Although we have known it for a while that Sony is moving ahead with Venom 2, it wasn’t confirmed if Tom Hardy will be returning to the next installment in the series. While we didn’t get any confirmation from the studio for a long time, Amy Pascal has recently confirmed that the actor will return to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel.

Pascal’s latest confirmation came during her interview with Fandango as she talked about the developments of future projects at Sony. During the interview, the topic of Venom 2 came out and she confirmed that Tom Hardy will indeed return to the movie.

It’s not surprising to see that the studio is moving ahead with the sequel’s production. Despite receiving harsh criticisms at the time of the release last year, the movie managed to earn over $855 million worldwide. Although it’s unclear how the studio will move forward with the production, recent rumors have suggested that Sony wants to integrate other characters in the upcoming movie to create Sony’s own cinematic universe.

Interestingly, rumors for a while suggest that Spider-Man might show up in the future movies. While we will have to wait to find out if that ever happens, Pascal said that the studio is focusing on making great individual movies at first. She added, “Each individual movie [stands] on its own. The key thing to Venom to Tom Holland, Spider-Man, Spider-Verse is that as wonderful and as tempting as it is to connect the dots, nothing works if the individual movies don’t work and have their own integrity. And that is the key to it all.”

While we will have to wait to see if Spider-Man makes an appearance in the movie, it won’t be surprising if Sony surprises everyone with the character’s appearance. For a long time, we never thought we would see a Spider-Man movie directly from Marvel and we are just days away from the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Most importantly, recently Kevin Feige gave fans hope that there’s a chance that someday Venom Vs. Spider-Man movie will happen. Given the importance of Venom in Spider-Man comics, it won’t be too far off to imagine that both characters will appear in same movie in future. As for Venom 2, the movie is scheduled for release on October 2, 2020.

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