Home Business & Finance The Last of Us Part 2 Will be the “Best Game Ever”

The Last of Us Part 2 Will be the “Best Game Ever”

The Last of Us Part 2 Will be the “Best Game Ever”

As we eagerly wait for The Last of Us Part 2, there hasn’t been any shortage regarding rumors on upcoming game. Recently, actor Ian Alexander who will be playing the character of Lev in the upcoming game, has responded to a fan’s question by stating that the upcoming title will be the “best game ever”.

When a fan asked the actor to describe his experience with working on the title, he said, “I couldn’t narrow it down, so here are my top 3!

“1) best game ever

“2) exhilarating, inspiring, life-changing

“3) more chosen family.”


While the actor will certainly be biased, it’s unlikely that the gamers around the world will be disappointed upon the game’s release. At the moment, there’s no confirmation regarding the release date of the title. However, recently, Jason Schreier revealed on Twitter that we might be getting the title in the early 2020 although it was planned for release later this year. He said, “The Last of Us 2 was also planned for fall 2019 but I actually just heard it got bumped to early 2020, possibly February? Either way, wild final year for PS4.”

Given the history of the studio behind the game, it’s highly unlikely that gamers will get anything which isn’t completely polished. As a result, the wait for the upcoming game is certainly worthwhile.

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