Tetris Royale Is Coming to iOS and Android

Tetris Royale Is Coming to iOS and Android

Over last couple of years, Battle Royale games have become extremely popular. As a result, it wasn’t particularly surprising when games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and Fallout joined other popular titles such as Apex Legends and Fortnite with their own Battle Royale modes. However, it was a massive surprise when Tetris joined the bandwagon few months earlier with its Battle Royal game for Nintendo. And now, The Tetris Company has announced that N3tWORKis set to bring ‘Tetris Royale’ to iOS and Android Devices.

The upcoming game will mark N3tWORK’s first release following its recent agreement with the Tetris Company. According to Tetris, the upcoming title will give players fresh experience that will harness the popularity of the franchise.

“Fans across the globe love playing Tetris on their mobile devices, which is why we’re pleased to join forces with N3TWORK to introduce new games that will push the Tetris gameplay experience to whole new levels of competitive fun,” said Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Blue Planet Software. “Tetris Royale is just the start, and one that we think players will really enjoy. We look forward to letting the battles begin.”

As for the gameplay, Tetris Royale won’t differ much from other games in the series as you will still need to create rows. Interestingly, the game will contain a 100-player competitive mode where players will try to get to the top every season. Moreover, you will get number of daily challenges, cosmetic customization as well as power-ups to use in the game.

Although Tetris Royale is currently under development, the beta will be released for iOS and Android devices sometime later this year. At the moment, the revenue model of the title is unclear but expect the game to be free-to-play but with a lot of microtransactions.

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