Tesla Explains Why Tesla S Caught Fire

Tesla Explains Why Tesla S Caught Fire

Although Tesla vehicles are pretty safe, a video emerged from China back in April which showed a Tesla Model S catching fire while it was parked in an underground garage for no apparent reason. Although cause of fire was unknown at the time, Tesla revealed in a social media post on Weibo that a fault battery module caused the Model S to catch fire.

In the post, Tesla revealed that following the incident, a joint investigation team had completed an investigation including the battery, software along as well as vehicle history. While the investigation team didn’t find any system related defect, the fire was caused by a single battery module located at the front side of the car.

Since the discovery, Tesla claimed that it has revised its vehicle settings to provide additional protection for batteries in future. In order to do so, Tesla has sent out an update for both Model X and Model S that changed the thermal management settings.

While the company claimed that its electric vehicles are 10 times less likely to catch vehicles, some of its cars might have other safety issues. As a result, it will recall 4,803 vehicles in the coming months.

Source: Reuters

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