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Swamp Thing Is Cancelled after Just One Episode

Swamp Thing Is Cancelled after Just One Episode

While television shows get renewed or cancelled at this time of the year, sometimes television networks surprise viewers with their decision to axe shows. Few weeks earlier, Swamp Thing premiered with great numbers. However, in a surprising turn of events, the show is cancelled after just one episode and the show won’t be returning for another season after season 1 ends.

This is a massive surprise as the show was set for a 10-episode first season. While critics loved the first episode of the series, the studio confirmed that we won’t be seeing anymore of the Swamp Thing in the coming months.

While surprising, the latest news confirms the rumors regarding the show’s fate. Previous reports suggested that the show was experiencing difficulties as the season 1 production was shutting down earlier than expected. At the time, the number of episodes of first season was cut down from 13 to 10. However, as the show featured great storyline along with visuals, it’s likely that the visuals took out a major portion of the production budget which might be the reason behind the cancellation.

While there won’t be a second season, you can still enjoy the thriller as the season 1 will air until the end of season 1. We will have to wait to find out if any other streaming networks decides to proceed with the show given it’s difficult to gauge a show’s success based on just one episode.

Swamp Thing follows the story of Abby Arcane, who returns to her hometown to investigate strange occurring at the swamps. Shortly afterwards, he meets Alec Holland and together they soon discover a creature in the swamp.

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