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Scientists Have Built a Test to Test EM Drive

Scientists Have Built a Test to Test EM Drive. Image: Technische Universität Dresden

Although physicists have debated over last two decades regarding the viability of EM Drive, a group of German scientists has now claimed that they’ve developed an experiment sensitive enough to end the debate regarding the viability of EM Drive.

EM drive is a hypothetical type of engine which can propel a spacecraft without any fuel. The concept was first introduced by British scientist Roger Shawyer. He proposed the idea of generating thrust by microwaves into a chamber which would bounce off the cone’s walls to create enough force to power a spacecraft. However, this would ultimately break the laws of physics as we know it since the engine will create force out of literally nothing.

While a group of researchers were able to create the thrust in an experiment, it was unclear whether some outside force such as Earth’s magnetic field had created it. In order to clear the controversy, a group of researchers from Technische Universität Dresden has built instruments which are capable of figuring out if the concept of EM Drive is viable after all.

If you are interested in finding out more about the test however, you’ll need to wait few more months as the researchers are planning on publishing results from the tests later in the journal Acta Astronautica. You can learn more about the experiment by going here. 

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