Home Business & Finance Samsung Might Produce Intel’s Rocket Lake Chip

Samsung Might Produce Intel’s Rocket Lake Chip

Samsung Might Produce Intel’s Rocket Chip

According to a report in Korea, Intel and Samsung are in talks to form a partnership which will see Samsung producing Intel’s 14nm Rocket Lake chips. The report claims that the talks between the companies are in final stages and we should get a confirmation pretty soon.

This latest news comes as Samsung is actively trying to get customers amid slowing memory chip market. As the demand for Samsung’s hardware has gone down over last few months, the report claims that the company wants to use its infrastructure to produce chips for other companies. Interestingly, a source claims that the talks are already in final stage and Intel will begin production of 14nm chips starting from last quarter of next year.

While we will have to wait to find out if the report is accurate, Intel’s decision to turn to Samsung isn’t really surprising. The company has been facing shortage since last year. Although Intel has invested heavily in the past in the production line, it still struggling to keep up with the demands.

Interestingly, Intel might not be the only company interested in Samsung to produce its chips. Recently reports have claimed that Qualcomm is also looking to use Samsung Foundry to produce its upcoming Snapdragon 865 chips which will be unveiled later this year. At the moment, we will have to wait for the companies’ confirmation in case they reach an agreement in the near future.

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