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Samsung Might Launch Galaxy Fold in July

Samsung Might Launch Galaxy Fold in July. Image: Samsung

After years of anticipation, Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Fold earlier this year. However, the plan to release the smartphone didn’t go according to plans as the device was rattled with problems related to the smartphone’s complicated design. As a result, Samsung decided to put the launch on hold as it cancelled all of the pre-orders for the device unless requested by a user. However, according to Max Weinbach, Samsung might release the smartphone later in July.

In his tweet, Weinbach he cited an unnamed source along with a report. The report came from a Korean news website which claims that a Samsung employee confirmed the release period. However, the company will hold a press conference before the release.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors surrounding Galaxy Fold. Earlier last month, another Korean news agency claimed that Samsung was testing the latest smartphone with local carriers and will release the device this month. However, Samsung didn’t respond to the claims at the time and it’s unlikely that we will get the smartphone in June.

At the moment Samsung hasn’t responded to the latest claim. However, we are more than likely to hear from the company in case it releases the smartphone in July. You can check out Weinbach’s latest tweet below.

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