Samsung Is Working on Another Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Is Working on Another Foldable Smartphone

Although Samsung’s plans to launch Galaxy Fold didn’t really go according to plans, the company doesn’t seem to be bothered by the problems as it is currently working on another foldable device.

According to a report out in Korea, Samsung is working on an entirely new foldable smartphone with a 6.7-inch display. Interestingly, instead of closing or opening side to side, the rumored smartphone will open vertically to make the smartphone more portable compared to Galaxy Fold.

The news pretty surprising considering Samsung hasn’t really been vocal about the release date of Galaxy Fold after the company was forced to cancel all of the pre-orders last month. However, Samsung’s executive recently claimed that the company has worked on the problems that plagued the smartphone tablet hybrid earlier and Galaxy Fold is ready to launch in the coming months.

At the moment however, we will have to wait to find out if the company is indeed planning on releasing Galaxy Fold anytime soon. Most recently, AT&T cancelled all of the pre-orders for the smartphone which suggests that we might still be pretty far away from the release of the revolutionary device.

As for the other foldable device, the rumor follows the same claims from earlier this year that Samsung was in fact working on two different foldable devices following Galaxy Fold’s announcement. As Samsung was forced to reconsider its approach regarding foldable displays, it’s more than likely that the company has eliminated the problems and is ready to bring more products.

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