Samsung Claims that Galaxy Fold Is Ready

Samsung Claims that Galaxy Fold Is Ready

Shortly after Samsung showed off its highly anticipated Galaxy Fold earlier this year, reviewers complained about the fragile display. As a result, the company was forced to cancel the product launch as it cancelled all of the pre-orders earlier last month. While we will have to wait to find out more, Samsung has claimed that the smartphone is ‘ready to hit the market’.

This comment came from Samsung Display’s Vice President Kim Seong-cheol who recently commented on the upcoming Smartphone. The Investor notes that during his appearance at a display industry conference, he said, “Most of the display problems have been ironed out. The Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market.”

This isn’t the first time we have heard that Samsung’s highly anticipated smartphone is ready and the company has fixed the problem. Earlier last month, reports claimed that Samsung has solved all of the problems and will launch the smartphone later this month. Prior to launch, the company will hold a press conference to announce the details. However, that never became reality and with June being nearly at the end, it’s highly unlikely we will hear about it in the coming days. Moreover, AT&T cancelled all of its pre-orders just few days earlier as well which suggests that Samsung might not be bringing the smartphone anytime soon.

However, note that Seong-cheol didn’t exactly give a release date for the upcoming smartphone. If his comments are anything to go by, then Samsung is taking extra caution to launch a device which has already provided a lot of problem. At the moment, Samsung seems to have learned from its Galaxy Note 7 fiasco from few years earlier. Despite that, we will have to wait to see if the device is in fact ready to launch as we move forward.

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