Researchers Have Developed a New Shape That Will Block All Sounds

Researchers Have Developed a New Shape That Will Block All Sounds

While there are materials which are used to create soundproof environment, a group of researchers at Boston University has created a shape that can block out all the sounds.

In order to create the shape, the scientists used mathematical models to block different frequencies. In fact, instead of passing through the shape, the sounds would be reflected back to their sources. Moreover, the latest design works differently than the other methods to create soundproof designs as traditional soundproof designs generally take sounds and absorb the energy and turn them into heat.

As for the latest design itself, you would think that sound would pass through the open nature of the shape. However, as mentioned earlier, the shape blocks out sounds based on frequency which is an interesting concept to explore.

While we will have to wait to see the impact of the latest development, the researchers have revealed that there can be several practical benefits of the project. For instance, the shapes can be used to create soundproof walls. Most importantly, the researchers revealed that they can use the ‘metamaterial’ to fit inside bore of an MRI machine which can shield patients from sound during imaging process.

In case you want to see the shape in action, you can do so in the video below.

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