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Researchers Find New Ways to Boost Properties of Electronics

Researchers Develop New Method to Identify Defects in 2D Materials for Electronics

In a recently published research paper, a group of researchers have outlined a new way to change the electric properties of materials which are used to design circuits.

In the paper, published in Physical Review X, the group of researchers from Northeastern University revealed how short laser bursts can manipulate the properties of materials. The group used laser to change the arrangement of electrons within the material. However, predicting this change is complicated as the lasers can result in constant fluctuations.

Gregory Fiete, professor of physics at Northeastern wrote, “When the pulse of light moves through a material, it changes the properties of the material in a very dramatic way, and often on very short time scales. The work we’ve done helps us understand what kind of pulse we should use to get certain desired effects.”

During the course of the research, the group used different lasers to see how properties of materials change. Interestingly, the group found that laser-induced changes can improve a circuits conductivity which can be revolutionary in development of medical technology and security sensors.

Talking about the possible impact of the latest findings, Fiete said, “What we do in my community is try to understand the basic principles that nature operates by. Then those principles are picked up by, say, electrical engineers that want to use them to build a sensing device or a communications device. It spreads upward and outward to many different sectors.”

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