Pop TV Picks up One Day at a Time for Fourth Season

Pop TV Picks up One Day at a Time for Fourth Season

Netflix remains to be the biggest streaming platform and over the years, the network has given opportunities to shows even when they didn’t have the greatest ratings. For instance, when Fox cancelled Lucifer, fans rallied for Netflix to pick up the show for season 4 and it became one of the most popular shows on the network following season 4’s premiere earlier last month. However, for the first time now, a cable network has decided to pick up a cancelled Netflix original as CBS Corp’s Pop TV renewed One Day at a Time for a fourth season.

Netflix’s decision to cancel the show was extremely surprising in the first place. Although the show was pretty popular among viewers, Netflix cancelled it following third season. As Netflix is notorious for not releasing viewership figures, it’s likely that the company wasn’t satisfied with the number of unique viewers the series was attracting.

One Day at a Time premiered back in 2017 with traditional feel of popular sitcoms. However, as the sitcom was a Netflix original, it might have faced difficulties at gaining mainstream popularity as other sitcoms like The Office are still extremely popular among viewers in the network. However, it’s likely that the show might perform better on Pop TV when it airs a few months later. At the moment, it’s unclear if the new episodes of the series will arrive on Netflix. As Pop TV is part of CBS which already has its own streaming network featuring some of the most popular content, it’s unlikely that Netflix will get the newer episodes going forward.

It’s unclear when the fourth season will premiere as Pop TV hasn’t revealed any other details. But as the show starts its production in a couple of months, expect to hear more about the development.

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