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Physicists Discover Group of Immortal Quantum Particles

Physicists Discover Group of Immortal Quantum Particles

If you are familiar with quantum physics, then you might already know that particles in the quantum realm don’t necessarily follow the rules of general physics. However, recently a group of researchers have found that quasiparticles in quantum systems are basically immortal as they can reorganize themselves back into existence after they start decaying which even in the world of quantum physics is a massive surprise.


This latest finding seemingly contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. According to the law, the entropy in an isolated system can only move towards increasing direction. However, the latest finding prove how things might act completely differently in a quantum realm.

Quasiparticles are disturbances or excitations in a solid caused by electrical or magnetic forces which behave like particles. During the latest study, the group developed numerical methods to calculate the interactions of the quasiparticles in question. However, scientists were surprised to find that quasiparticles were emerging back into existence after decaying.

In an official press release, physicist Ruben Verresen said, “The result of the elaborate simulation: admittedly, quasiparticles do decay, however new, identical particle entities emerge from the debris.”

“If this decay proceeds very quickly, an inverse reaction will occur after a certain time and the debris will converge again. This process can recur endlessly and a sustained oscillation between decay and rebirth emerges.”

At the moment, it’s unclear how the findings from latest research will impact our technology going forward. Despite that, the researchers believe that their latest findings regarding the quasiparticles’ apparent immortality might have strong potential for data storage in quantum computers.

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