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Oppo Reveals First ‘Under-Screen’ Selfie Camera

Oppo Reveals First ‘Under-Screen’ Selfie Camera

Shortly after Apple introduced smartphone notch with iPhone, majority of the manufacturers started trying out different ways to achieve notchless or near notchless displays over last year. While we all have seen different mechanics such as sliding camera, pop-up camera etc., Oppo has now shown world’s first ‘under-screen’ selfie camera.

During this weeks’ MWC Shanghai, Oppo showed off its under-screen camera and the functionality of the camera. The company stated that in order to ensure that light goes through the display, Oppo used a custom material that works alongside the camera. On the other hand, the camera itself has a wider lens compared to other selfie cameras.

While the design is certainly interesting, it has its own downsides. Oppo admitted that despite containing a better lens, images captured by the selfie camera would lose quality. In order to solve this problem, the company has built an algorithm which will work at hardware level to bring images that are on par with traditional selfie cameras.

At the moment however, it’s unclear when Oppo will release smartphone featuring the design but the company confirmed that it is planning on implementing the technology in the near future.

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