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Officials Unveil Artificial Reef in Sydney Harbor

Officials Unveil Artificial Reef in Sydney Harbor

Earlier on June 6, officials unveiled artificial reef near the walls of Sydney Opera House at Bennelong Point.

In the press release, researchers from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) noted that the reef is composed with eight pods. Each of these pods feature three hexagonal-shaped units that was made out of steel and concrete. While these frames are barebones at the moment, officials expect that layers of seaweed will grow up on the frames pretty soon.

David booth, professor of marine ecology at the University of Technology, Sydney said, “It’s amazing, after only a few weeks the pods are already attracting the interest of the types of species we hope will be drawn to this new habitat such as leatherjackets, bream and octopus. We will continue to monitor the reefs and adjacent sites to document change and how effective adding small fish habitat structures is in enhancing fish life on seawalls. We hope it is a model for other cities on harbors.”

This latest move comes as the Sydney Opera House and University of Technology Sydney paired up to introduce several environmental projects in the coming years. Talking about the latest installations, Emma Bombonato, the environmental sustainability manager at the Sydney Opera House said, “At the same time, the installation of the artificial reef is a example of our broader commitment to protecting and preserving the environment in action. As we look to the future, innovative approaches such as [power purchase agreements] are essential to secure long-term, sustainable renewable energy sources, so it’s exciting to be involved at the early stages of these projects.”

Earlier the Sydney Opera House reiterated its plans to become more energy efficient in the coming years. In order to do so, the music venue agree purchase a large renewable energy supply just recently.

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