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Nvidia Joins Volvo to Bring Autonomous Vehicle

Nvidia Joins Volvo to Bring Autonomous Vehicle

Earlier today, Volvo Group announced that the company is expanding its relationship with Nvidia to co-develop Volvo’s autonomous vehicles.

In the announcement, Volvo revealed that it will be working with Nvidia to develop the decision making system for the upcoming vehicles targeted towards public roads and transportation facilities.

Thanks to the agreement, Volvo will now be able to use Nvidia’s existing autonomous driving platform Nvidia DRIVE to train and test autonomous vehicles for different purposes. According to Volvo, the agreement will span several years and both of the companies will begin working on the technology immediately after co-locating both in California and in Gothenberg in near future.

The latest agreement isn’t highly surprising considering most of the major auto manufacturers’ recent moves to develop autonomous vehicles. Previous studies have revealed that if autonomous trucks are successful, the technology would bring the cost of logistics in the United States by 45 percent.


Talking about the latest agreement, Lars Stenqvist, Volvo Group Chief Technology Officer said, “Automation is a key technology area for the Volvo Group. With this partnership we will further increase our speed of development and strengthen our long-term capabilities and assets within automation, to the benefit of our customers in different segments and markets.”

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