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Nvidia Is Reportedly Working on a New Shield TV

Nvidia launches New Shield TVs with Tegra X1+ Chips

Back in 2015, Nvidia launched Shield TV in an attempt to enter the Android TV market. While the company refreshed the device back in 2017, it’s been two years since the last update and according to XDA Developers, the company is set to release a new version pretty soon.

Nvidia Sheild was received pretty well among Android fans for the device’s capability as well as features. Nvida Shield allows to stream games from a desktop PC as well as play Android games on Tegra X1 chip which is pretty neat in case you don’t want to limit yourself with smartphones’ limitations. Interestingly, the latest discovery by the outlet reveals that the company is working on a new device under codename “mdarcy”. As the previous Shield was codenamed darcy, you might think the upcoming model won’t change a lot.

But the “mdarcy” will have several updates both in terms of hardware and software. According to the listing, the upcoming model will run on Android Pie rather than Android Oreo. As for hardware, developers responded to the outlet to reveal that the upcoming Shield TV will have better power usage and better GPU performance which will result in noticeable performance increase over the last version.

This latest news comes after a custom ROM developer recently discovered references to several peripherals which comes with support for Shield TV. However, at the time, Nvidia didn’t respond to the rumors although it confirmed that codename found in the references weren’t released by the company up until at the time. As a long time has pass since then, we might be pretty close to getting the new device in the coming months. At the moment however, we will have to wait until next month when Nvidia is expected to unveil several new products including its recently announced super series of RTX GPUs.

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