NordVPN Is Working on a New Password Manager

NordVPN Is Working on a New Password Manager

Although VPN market is pretty saturated, NordVPN is extremely popular among internet users for its offerings. While the company has made its name largely due to its VPN solutions, NordVPN has announced that it is currently working on a new password management tool.

Named NordPass, the upcoming software will join NordVPN’s previously released file encryption tool to keep you more secured over internet. According to the company, NordPass will be extremely secure and easy to use. Similar to other password managers, the upcoming tool will require users to remember one master password to access the service and get access to thousands of stored passwords. In the official blog post, the company wrote,

  • It remembers your passwords for you. Store all of your passwords with NordPass and it will autofill them into any online form. Now you can have a different secure password for each account while only remembering one — your NordPass password.
  • It keeps your passwords secure. NordPass uses powerful Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256-GCM) encryption with Argon2 for key derivation, which is virtually unbreakable.
  • It uses zero-knowledge encryption. It’s important to trust your password manager. If you don’t, however, know that we couldn’t see your passwords even if we wanted to. Zero-knowledge encryption means you own the key to your passwords. When they’re backed up to our servers, we can’t open them.
  • It generates secure passwords. We have great tips for creating secure and memorable passwords, but with NordPass, you don’t need to remember them anymore. It generates highly secure passwords and stores them so you don’t have to.

If you were looking to download the password manager, you’ll be disappointed to know that the company didn’t reveal anything related to the release date of the password manager except it will be release ‘later this year’. However, as we move forward, it’s more than likely that we will be learning about

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