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Nokia to Bring Its Own Nightmode

Nokia to Bring Its Own Nightmode

Over last couple of years, night mode has become extremely popular among smartphone app develoeprs. As the feature can be extremely useful to improve imaging performance of the smartphones in low light environment, Google used the mode successfully in its Pixel devices and Samsung recently tried to bring the mode to its customers. If recent rumors are to be believed, then Nokia will bring its own Night mode for its smartphones.

In case you didn’t know, Nokia is scheduled to unveil a new smartphone later next week. Interestingly, rumors have suggested that the upcoming smartphone will feature Night Mode which would be similar to the one present in Google Pixel smartphones.

This latest news comes after Nokia posted a teaser earlier related to its upcoming smartphone release. However, at the moment, it’s unclear if the company will bring the mode to existing devices in the coming months. Given that the feature was received extremely well among smartphone users, it’s not surprising that other smartphone manufacturers are catching up with it. You can check out the latest tweet from Nokia below which teased the upcoming smartphone.

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