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Nintendo Is Reportedly Working on Game Streaming Service

Nintendo Switch Is Reportedly Working on Game Streaming Service

Last couple of weeks have been pretty significant for gamers as we finally learned about Google’s upcoming Stadia platform. Shortly after Google’s announcement, Microsoft unveiled its project xCloud along with game streaming services. And now, it seems that Nintendo might be working on bringing similar game streaming service to its customers according to Astris Advisory Japan analyst David Gibson.

According to Gibson, Nintendo will work with Microsoft to bring the new service. While it might be surprising to see Microsoft working with Nintendo for a product which might provide alternative to its own streaming services, it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Microsoft is already working with Sony to help bring game streaming service to PlayStation console gamers. Moreover, Gibson added that the company might not launch the service worldwide but to a selected number of regions.

Although we will have to wait to find out if the claim is accurate, it won’t be massively surprising in case Nintendo releases the services. Since Google’s, Stadia earlier this year, companies are working towards bringing their own services to provide alternatives.  Apart from Microsoft, Ubisoft announced its UPlay+ game subscription service which will be available from September.

While Nintendo is highly unlikely to release a service that will offer similar product to Google Stadia, the company’s massive library means a game streaming platform will have enough titles to attract new players. However, we will have to wait to find out if the latest rumor is accurate. In case the company is planning on releasing a streaming service anytime soon, we should learn about it in the coming weeks.

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