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New Xbox App Leaks Before E3

Microsoft Updates Xbox App on iOS and Android to bring New Feature

While we are just hours away from this year’s E3, Microsoft started teasing pretty significant changes across its platforms. Although we will have tow wait few more hours to find out more about the upcoming changes, a new leak has made its way to internet which shows the new built of Microsoft’s Xbox app.

First spotted by WalkingCat, the latest leak showcases some new design choices along with support for Xbox Game Pass.

Shortly after the leak, Zac Bowden from Windows Central turned to Twitter to reveal that the upcoming app will consume pretty significant amount of resources. He said, “The new Xbox app is a heavy boi. And it wants to set itself to auto-start with your PC. PLEASE.”

Given that the app is just beta at the moment, it’s more than likely that the required resources will go down as we move forward. With these upcoming changes, Microsoft is planning on pushing its Xbox Game Pass to gamers. Moreover, the company is likely to say goodbye to older version of Xbox app due to their design.

At the moment however, we haven’t heard anything from Microsoft. With E3 just around the corner, don’t expect to hear anything from the company as it is set to announce a number of new products during its press conference.

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