Home Business & Finance New Video Shows off Xiaomi’s New CC Smartphone

New Video Shows off Xiaomi’s New CC Smartphone

New Video Shows off Xiaomi’s New CC Smartphone

Xiaomi recently announced its new smartphone division CC in an attempt to get people hyped up about its upcoming smartphones. In the announcement, the company noted that the smartphones under the new division will focus on camera and connectivity as the company wants to build smartphones for young people. While the company didn’t reveal anything else in the press release, the company recently released a video on Weibo to showcase one of the company’s upcoming devices.

While Xiaomi didn’t reveal any official release dates for the upcoming smartphones in the new announcement few days earlier, recent rumors have suggested that the company will unveil its first smartphone under the new division later next month. Interestingly, Xiaomi has released a video in Chinese social networking site Weibo.

If you check the video, you will notice that several individuals are holding a smartphone. However, the company just showed the display panel which isn’t surprising considering the company is promoting the smartphone as a camera focused device. While reports claimed that Xiaomi is working on a new smartphone with flip-camera, the latest video seems to resemble Mi9 which is surprising since the company just created a new division. Luckily enough, we are just few days away from next month and if Xiaomi is to announce a new smartphone next month, we should learn more about it in the coming days.

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