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New Study Claims Climate Change Is a Threat to Cerrado’s Biodiversity

New Study Claims that Climate Change Is a Threat to Cerrado’s Biodiversity

In a recently published study, researchers have underlined the threats of climate change on the rich biodiversity of Cerrado.

According to the researchers, Brazil’s vast tropical savanna will become less resilient to climate changes in the coming years due to ongoing climate changes. The study was published earlier in March in the journal Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.

Talking about the effects of climate change on the area, Marcus Cianciaruso said, “Generally speaking this represents a future where the Cerrado will have [fewer] species of mammals and where generalist species coming from other biomes, like the Amazon and Atlantic Forests, will expand their ranges into the Cerrado. a consequence we will have dramatic changes in Cerrado mammal species composition, where specialist species will be lost and generalist species will dominate all the landscapes of the Cerrado.”

In case you didn’t know, around 30 percent of the Brazil’s biodiversity can be found in the area. As it is endemic to some of the species, the changes will have grave consequences on the species native to the area which contains 5 percent of the world’s total biodiversity.

After analyzing the ecological conditions and requirements for the mammals in the region, the researchers warned that if actions are not taken, as much as 9 species will become extinct by 2070.

This latest research follows the same warnings issued by Global Risks Report from the World Economic Forum earlier this year. In the report, researchers warned about the serious global risks associated with climate change as up to 1 million species already face extinction in the coming decades.

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