New Report Reveals Enterprises Don’t Think Their Security Is Up to Par with Cloud Expansion

New Report Reveals Enterprises Don’t Think Their Security Is Up to Par with Cloud Expansion

Results from a new survey have revealed that roughly 54 percent of the enterprises don’t think their security is up-to-par to contain the risk associated with the expansion of cloud apps.

The study was carried out by Symantec which asked 1,200 security officials around the world about their satisfaction of the companies’ security measures in place. The responses revealed that although 53 percent of the enterprises have been migrated to cloud, they aren’t satisfied with the security measures of their enterprises as a whole.

According to Symantec, although the companies estimated that they use 452 apps on average, the actual number is 1,804. With the rapid expansion of cloud-based apps, the enterprises are currently at risk of falling behind in terms of implementing securities.

Nico Popp, senior vice president, Cloud and Information Protection at Symantec, said, “The adoption of new technology has almost always led to gaps in security, but we’ve found the gap created by cloud computing poses a greater risk than we realize, given the troves of sensitive and business-critical data stored in the cloud. In fact, our research shows that 69 percent of organizations believe their data is already on the Dark Web for sale and fear an increased risk of data breaches due to their move to cloud. Data breaches can have a clear impact on enterprises’ bottom line, and security teams are desperate to prevent them. However, our 2019 CSTR shows it’s not the underlying cloud technology that has exacerbated the data breach problem — it’s the immature security practices, overtaxed IT staff and risky end-user behavior surrounding cloud adoption.”

Most importantly, the results have shown that a large number of security incidents occur at the cloud level as more than half of the participants responded that they can’t keep up with the security incidents. Moreover, majority of the responders think that oversharing on the platform is also a problem as more than a third of the files stored in cloud shouldn’t really be there. And lastly, 83 of the responders believe that their security measures aren’t enough to protect enterprises from potential security breaches on cloud.

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