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Netflix Is Testing a Pop-out Player

Netflix Is Testing a Pop-out Player

It seems that Netflix will release a pop-out player option to stream its contents soon. According to a report from Engadget, the company is currently testing the feature with some users.

Although news of the feature first came from a number of users, Netflix confirmed that the company is indeed working on bringing it out. When the feature becomes available, the pop-out player will allow users to continue to watch the show while performing other tasks. However, at the moment, a lot of options such as ability to load subtitles aren’t available.

While the company hasn’t revealed any more details to the outlet, the latest feature will mark Netflix’ another attempt at making the service easier to use. Back in 2016, the company started giving offline access to users. Shortly afterwards the feature was changed to “smart downloads” to automate the process. As Netflix is set to face a tough competition following the launch of Disney+, it’s likely that the company is working on bringing more features to users as it moves forward.

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