Near Death Experiences Are More Common Than You’d Think

Near Death Experiences Are More Common Than You’d Think

A new study has revealed that near-death experiences are pretty common as one out of every ten individuals has reported experiencing a life-threatening incident. The responders revealed that they had some sort of ‘sensation or mystical experience’ and researchers claimed that these experiences can contain physical sensations.

During the course of the research, scientists analyzed responses from individuals from 35 countries. Although people’s responses differed a lot, a large number of participants reported similar near-death experiences. A large number of individuals reported time changes, exceptionally fast thought as well as enhanced senses during the event.

From the responses, the researchers determined that around 10 percent people experience near-death experience. Interestingly, out of those who responded positively of having a near death experience,87 percent reported different perception, 65 percent responded faster thought process, 63 percent responded enhanced senses and 53 percent claimed that they had feeling of leaving their bodies entirely. Researchers hope that the latest findings will help them to explain the feelings associated with near death experience.

“Our central finding is that we confirmed the association of near-death experiences with REM sleep intrusion. Although association is not causality, identifying the physiological mechanisms behind REM sleep intrusion into wakefulness might advance our understanding of near-death experiences,” said Dr. Daniel Kondziella, a neurologist at the University of Copenhagen and the lead researcher of the study.

Kondziella stated that the latest study, published the journal European Academy of Neurology , replicated findings from another study from back in 2006 that was criticized for selection bias. In order to prevent such potential flaws, the researchers recruited participants through a crowdsourced platform.

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