Nashville Has Banned Electric Scooters Following Incident

Nashville Has Banned Electric Scooters Following Incident

Although electric scooters have become pretty popular among people, they can be pretty dangerous unless driven carefully. REcently, Nashville introduced a pilot program to check viability of electric scooter. However, the city has now ended its pilot program in the city after a man was killed earlier last month in an accident involving an electric scooter.

Earlier last month, a 26-year-old was killed in Nashville after he was struck by an SUV as he was riding an electric scooter. Following the investigation, officials revealed that the victim had twice the limit of alcohol in his blood which was a contributing factor to the incident. Witnesses of the accident also verified the claim as the rider suddenly turned left from sidewalk to the path of the incoming SUV.

As a result, mayor of Nashville, David Briley has notified the scooter companies that the city has ended its pilot program and electric scooters are banned from public streets. Previously, Briley expressed his concerns regarding the adoption of electric vehicles in public street due to the lack of established safety rules. While the scooter companies have come up with some proposed solutions to prevent similar occurrences in future since then, the Mayor doesn’t believe the proposed changes are enough to protect citizens. As a result, he has recommended the Metro council to terminate the services from the city.

He said, “If these devices return in the future, it will be after a public process, on our terms, with strict oversight for numbers, safety, and accessibility.”

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