Microsoft Releases Preview Builds of Edge for Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft Releases Preview Builds of Edge for Windows 7 and 8

If you were looking to find out what kind of features Microsoft is planning on bringing with its upcoming Chromium powered Edge browser, you will be glad to know that the company has released preview build of the upcoming browser for Windows 7 and 8 users.

In an announcement, the company noted that the browser is now available to download. This latest revelation follows Microsoft’s release for Windows 10 from back in April.

While the decision to release the Edge for Windows 7 might seem an odd one considering Microsoft ended support for the operating system, Windows 7 still has a larger than expected market share. As a result, Microsoft pointed out that it’s trying to get as much feedbacks as possible to improve on the current offerings. In case you encounter any issue, you will easily be able to send feedback to Microsoft using the “Send feedback” option from the menu.

However, you should note that the browser still has some known issues. For instance, it still doesn’t come with support for highly popular dark mode as well as AAD sign-in. However, the company noted that it is working on fixing the issues while adding new features in the coming days.

In case you want to try out the latest preview version of the Edge, you can download the browser by going here.

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