Microsoft Is Working on Only One Xbox Console

Microsoft Is Working on Only One Console

After months of speculations, Microsoft finally unveiled Project Scarlett during this year’s E3 press briefing, the company’s next generation console. Prior to the announcement, rumors suggested that the company was working on two sperate consoles to cater different gamers. While report at the time claimed that the more affordable version of the Project Scarlett was under codename Lockhart, recently Microsoft has confirmed that it is in fact working on only one console at the moment with the high-end console being the company’s current priority.

The rumors regarding two Xbox consoles for next generation started after Microsoft boss Phil Spencer claimed that the company was focusing on bringing more consoles in the coming years during 2018 E3. However, in a recent report, Verge claims that Microsoft is currently working on the high-end console considering Xbox One is still performing pretty well. As a result, gamers can expect one console every year.

Verge claimed that sources close to Microsoft’s Project Scarlett revealed that Microsoft cancelled the idea of two consoles weeks ago in order to focus on other upcoming products such as xCloud, Microsoft’s game streaming service that is set to debut later this year.

However, this news doesn’t come off as a major shock considering Microsoft has pretty busy time ahead with several highly anticipated products are coming out in a short period of time. Moreover, it’s likely that the company might release a lower end console later next year similar to the release of previous generation consoles. However, with still more than a year to go until Project Scarlett comes out, we should hear more in case Microsoft decides to release a console for lower-end market in the coming months.

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